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Meet the Barneys Team

Our pastoral, ministry and support staff are here to serve you and the community.

The team

What We Believe

We’re transformed by God’s love for us.

We are transformed because his love gives us life. We are convinced that it was God who brought the universe into existence, and that it is God who breathes life into the world every day. He orchestrates the movement of the planets, oversees the changes of the seasons, and raises the sun every morning.

He gives breath to our lungs, provides bread for our stomachs, numbers the hairs of our heads and sustains the beating of our hearts. God is not distant and removed: this is his world and he is the one who gives it life.

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Our Building

Located in the heart of the city

Our spaces are the perfect venue for weddings, conferences, meetings and events.

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Integrity &

We strive to create a safe, welcoming environment.

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