Who we are

Our story

Barneys is on about Jesus.

We’re learning to re-orient our lives around him. And because we are on about Jesus, we are for making a difference in his name. We are a church for the whole city, and for the whole person (keep reading…)

What we believe

We at Barneys are transformed by God’s love for us.

We are transformed because his love gives us life. We are convinced that it was God who brought the universe into existence, and that it is God who breathes life into the world every day. He orchestrates the movement of the planets, oversees the changes of the seasons, and raises the sun every morning. He gives breath to our lungs, provides bread for our stomachs, numbers the hairs of our heads and sustains the beating of our hearts. God is not distant and removed: this is his world and he is the one who gives it life (keep reading…)

Meet the pastoral team

We believe we are all called to care for one another as we seek to build up the church. But some people have particular roles which require particular time and training (meet them here…)

Cross cultural partners

At Barneys we support cross cultural partners in a number of places around the world. We also encourage Barney’s members to consider both short term and long term missions overseas (find out more…)

Our building

In June 2012 our new church building was opened and Barneys returned to Broadway after six years offsite. With space for a congregation of 600, and lots of spaces for everything from kids programs to our emergency relief centre, it is an incredible home for our growing community (keep reading…)

Integrity & transparency

At Barneys, we believe in integrity. Because we are not yet what God is calling us to be, we can’t do this on our own: it takes transparency and accountability. On this page, you can find our audited financial accounts for the previous year, details on how and how much our ministry team is paid, and an explanation of how we keep children safe (keep reading…)