Integrity & Transparency

At Barneys, we believe in integrity. Because we are not yet what God is calling us to be, we can’t do this on our own: it takes transparency and accountability. On this page, you can find out how to access audited financial accounts for the previous year, details on how and how much our ministry team is paid, and an explanation of how we keep children safe.

Audited accounts

Before you join a church, you should be able to be confident that they handle their finances with probity. We aren’t perfect, but we have nothing to hide. Our most recent audited accounts may be viewed here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the church on +61 2 9211 3496 or email.

Ministry staff remuneration

Our ministry staff are paid in accordance with the levels set by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, a partnership of some 270 churches. Ministers are paid the base stipend (for the senior minister) or 85-95% of the base stipend (associate ministers) plus a family loading of 5% where relevant. The stipend is based on working 6 days/week.

In addition to these stipends, they usually receive accommodation and various allowances, all of which are described in the remuneration guidelines available here.

Child protection

Barneys loves children and is committed to keeping them safe.

We have adopted a Safe Ministry policy for the protection of children and have a volunteer Safe Ministry Representative who may be contacted via email (Safe Ministry Rep) or through the office on +61 2 9211 3496.

Workers (both volunteer and full-time) in child-related positions are screened and required to undertake regular training.

The Safe Ministry/Professional Standards Unit of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney has an excellent website ( If you have any concerns, you can contact them via the Abuse Hotline on 1800 774 945.

Our Council and Wardens

Each year our church community elects representatives to help us pursue our calling as a church. These include a Council which governs our finances and property, and Wardens who administer them. They are crucial roles and we have been well served. You can find out about the responsibilities of Councillors and Wardens here.

The Parish Council Secretary and Wardens may be contacted through the Barneys office or via email: and

Our Council

Our Council from Mar 2019-Mar 2020:

  • Rev Mike Paget (Rector and Chairman)
  • Natasha O’Farrell (Secretary) – 6.30pm congregation
  • Elisabeth Smartt – 10am congregation
  • Charlie Cull – 6.30pm congregation
  • Georgia Macintyre – 6.30pm congregation
  • Iain Hespe – 10am congregation
  • Kylie Squires – 10am congregation
  • Madeleine Hoy – 10am congregation
  • Michael Condie – 10am congregation

Our Wardens

Our Wardens from Mar 2019-Mar 2020, who are also ex officio members of Parish Council:

  • Jane Hazlewood – 6.30pm congregation
  • Rowena Whittle – 6.30pm congregation
  • Thomas McCorquodale – 6.30pm congregation