The Lords Table - Easter 2024

  • ✝️ Good Friday Morning

    🗓️ Friday 29th March

    Join us this Good Friday as we remember the profound sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. On this day, abandoned by friends, followers, and even His Father, Jesus stood alone. He faced the unthinkable, and drank the cup of wrath meant for us.

    In the shadow of the cross, we find the truest expression of love’s sacrifice and the perfect embodiment of grace. We invite you to share in this solemn yet beautiful occasion for all ages as we remember, reflect, and honour His sacrifice. Let us come together, acknowledging the depths of His love and the weight of His sacrifice.

  • 🕯️ Good Friday Evening

    🗓️ Friday 29th March
    🎨 5:30pm – Easter Art Exhibition
    🕯️ 6:30pm – Reflective Service

    Join us for a unique Good Friday Reflective Easter Service, where we contemplate the profound sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. This special service will be accompanied by an Art Exhibition, with works responding to the themes of the cross and the empty tomb. Experience a deep connection with the narrative of Jesus, who, abandoned by friends, followers, and His Father, bore the cup of wrath alone. Reflect on this powerful story of love and sacrifice as expressed through art and worship. Everyone is welcome to share in this moving experience.

  • 🎉 Easter Sunday Celebration

    🗓️ Sunday 31st March

    Join us on Easter Sunday as we celebrate the victorious resurrection of Jesus and His conquering of the grave. This joyous celebration for all ages is not just a remembrance of His victory, but a call to participate in the great banquet in his Heavenly Kingdom. Come and rejoice in the promise of resurrection and eternal life, given freely to us through His triumph over death. Everyone is welcome to this glorious celebration of hope and transformation.