Ryan’s story

Ryan came to Barneys as an international student from a country with little religious freedom. His name has been changed for security reasons.

Why did you decide to become a Christian?
During the last 10 years my biggest challenge was who is the God?? When I found myself in the desert of ignorance!! Then I was thinking “There must be a god but if there is, he should be revealed to me”. I didn’t know him but in my heart I always pray “Reveal yourself to me I don’t know where I am but I know I am in darkness”. And Australia and in particular Barnabas was the turning point in my journey !! I had been baptised and he took my darkness! Such a honour – our Lord is amazing!

Has it been easy being a Christian?
Every thing in our life has cost. To be a Christian isn’t always an easy choice in your life. In particular when you were not born as a Christian!! To be in the God’s Kingdom could be extremely costly and challenging. You may lose your social position, facing with financial headship or sometimes you may be blamed by your family or even you may be left alone or even your life may be in danger either by prison or death!! But, when the darkness of fear comes when you think there is no way, knock the door don’t hesitate the doors will be opened by his love! Trust in him you will be saved. Stay with real wine! Stay, you will never lose.

How has your growth group helped you through the last 12 months?
One of my best experiences which I strangely recommend as new Christian is being as part of growth group in the St Barnabas where I found amazing friends and having opportunity to share my belief and extend my understanding of God’s promises and responding to Jesus Christ and brings the the words of God in practice in the daily life as much as I can. I am very thankful for that.