by Mike Paget
as part of a teaching series on anthropology

Series Overview
Part 1: Made in the Image of God
Study 1 – Made and Loved by God
Study 2 – Made in God’s Image
Study 3 – Made as Both Body and Spirit
Part 2: Made for Relationship
Study 4 – Made to Know
Study 5 – Made to Have Friends
Study 6 – Made as Men and Women? (living with and alongside the transgender experience)
Part 3: Made Perfect, Now Broken
Study 7 – Made Complex
Study 8 – Made to Be Saved
Study 9 – Made to Live Forever but Now Broken
Part 4: Made for Story
Study 10 – Made in God’s Story
Study 11 – Made for New Life

Suggested Further Reading
Sherlock, ‘Doctrine of Humanity’
David Clines, ‘Biblical Doctrine of Man’
John Mclean on gender and sex
Patricia and Kamal Weerakoon on gender transitioning
Tim Keller, video, ‘Preaching to the Heart’
Mark Yarhouse, ‘Understanding Gender Dysphoria’