Use your gifts

We believe everyone should be using their gifts to help build up the church. Start serving now – it could be something you’ve done before, or you might want to try something out just to see!

Make Sundays great

We want everyone who comes to Barneys to feel welcomed and experience great services — from the moment they drive into the carpark to the moment they leave. Each person on a team helps to make Sundays great by loving the people who gather in our building in different ways (see below).

Music & Sound

The music & sound team love the gathering by stewarding their musical gifts and leading us in singing songs of praise for building up and encouraging the church. The sound team ensure that those speaking to the gathering can be clearly heard. Click here for full job description
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Ushers love the gathering by making a positive first impression on everyone who walks through the door. They welcome attenders, ensure they have everything needed for the service and show them to their seats.
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Morning tea / Supper

The morning tea/supper team love the gathering by expressing and facilitating hospitality through food and drink. There are opportunities for you to be involved on Sunday serving tea/coffee or as a barista. We also need people to cook and bring food (supper only) and to take home and wash tea towels and tablecloths.
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Service Coordinator

Service coordinators love the gathering by holding the behind-the-scenes details together. They lead in pairs to ensure that Sunday teams & volunteers are ready to serve, and that our space is both set up to welcome, and handed in good shape to the next congregation.
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The welcome team love the gathering by leading and modelling conversations, and helping to form relationships that will help a newcomer take the next step into the Barneys community.
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The presentations team love the gathering by displaying service outlines, song lyrics and other important information on the main screen during the service.
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Barneys TV

The Barneys TV team love those who can’t make it to church, are travelling, or want to share the message with their friends by recording the sermon during the evening service.
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Communion Prep

The Communion prep team love the gathering by setting up the Lord’s Supper, ready for us to share it together.
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Help others grow in their faith by serving in a kids and youth ministry or small group ministry.

Kids ministry

There are tens of thousands of children and young people living within 5km of Broadway. The kids at Barneys enjoy friendships with children and youth from all over Sydney.
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Youth ministry

We want to see many children and youth people trust in and follow Jesus for the first time and be established in the fellowship of his family.

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Leading a small group

We believe that small groups are foundational for forging friendships, deepening in Christian devotion and partnering in a mission to the city and the world.

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Support the work of Barneys through excellent media, visual communication and administration.

Barneys TV

The Barneys TV team love those who can’t make it to church, are travelling, or want to share the message with their friends by recording the sermon during the evening service.
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We have a team of IT men and women, from web developers to sys admins, who support our ministries.

Design & photography

Good visual design and photography helps Barneys communicate Jesus well in print and web.


Every week volunteers help keep the Barneys community connected.

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We are a church for the whole person, and for the whole city – not just those who are already in our community.

Partner with our local public schools

We’re a church that God has richly blessed with education, and though education isn’t everything, good literacy and numeracy skills open doors to life. We love helping children learn better, at whatever stage they’re at, modelling a love of learning and a love of the kids. If you feel the same, come and join us and volunteer in a local primary school!

Being involved in Serving Our Local Schools could look like reading with a child, helping with general classroom activities, tutoring primary maths or even joining the lunchtime chess club.

One hour per week during school terms (some schools like more if you can give it!)
Minimum commitment period is 2 terms.

Must not be a prohibited person in respect of working with children (appropriate forms will need to be filled out)
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Join the Barneys Love Your Neighbour Planning Team

The Barneys Love Your Neighbour Team have been developing ways for the Barneys family to love and serve our local neighbourhood.

The LYN team meets monthly over a meal to pray, brainstorm and develop ways of connecting with and organising community activities in our neighbourhood. We need ideas people with a heart for bringing Christ’s love to our neighbourhood.

Monthly dinner meetings and participation in community activities as they arise.

Passion for Jesus and serving our neighbours

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Anglicare Sustainable Living Team

This team helps Barneys members love our neighbours by greeting and sharing time with those in need who come to the ‘Anglicare Sustainable Living Program’ for emergency relief based at Barneys downstairs on Mondays.


Volunteer on a monthly roster for 2 hours – Mondays either AM (9.30-11.30) OR PM (1.30-3.30)
Where possible, assist in organising our client lunches on first Monday of the month – 2 hours (11.30-1.30)


Be a friendly face who opens the door
Make tea/coffee and help our friends feel at home
Ability to be good listeners and show compassion

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Volunteer at a Saturday night men’s shelter

We partner with our good friends at Christchurch St Laurence, just up the road, to provide Saturday night accommodation for men referred by the City of Sydney’s Homeless Persons Information Centre (02 9265 9087). We open at 8 pm, feed the men a simple meal, give them a bed (well, a mattress) overnight, and close by 8 am on Sunday morning. We aim to give them not only those essential basics but also a warm and accepting welcome in accordance with gospel precept.


8pm Sat-8am Sunday, one Sunday every 8 weeks.

Must be male and over 18 years old
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The Macarthur Project

The Macarthur Project team are learning about Jesus’ love and forgiveness and relationships with others. We believe that building relationships with people in the local community are important and part of Gods plan. We want to love our neighbours and develop long term relationships with people who live in the social housing close to Barneys (Mountain/Macarthur Streets) so that we can share their life’s experiences, learn from them, and build and contribute to community. We expect that this will change our lives, their lives, the Barney’s community, and God will be glorified.

2 hourly visits every third Sunday of the month – 3.30-5.30pm; minimum commitment 6 months and preferably 1 year.

To doorknock & get to know the residents; pray with residents on a needs basis; participate in community building events;  learn how we at Barneys can support and enable the residents to develop their God given potential.

A passion to serve Christ in the local neighbourhood and love the widow, the orphan, the lonely & those who are different to yourself; a flexible nature and ability to respond calmly to unusual situations. Must be over 16 years old or in the company of a parent or guardian.

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Volunteer for the Viaducts Team

The Viaducts team are exploring new ways to build friendships with those sleeping rough under the Wentworth Park Viaduct, and look for opportunities in that friendship to help. Join the Viaducts team to shine the love of Jesus to people in real need, only 5min walk from Barneys.


2hr visit once per fortnight
Monthly 2hr planning meeting
Minimum commitment: 6 months

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Have an idea to start a new project?

If you see a need in the local neighbourhood we aren’t meeting, or have an idea for a way we can connect with our local neighbourhood, we’d love to hear about it! We believe in treading sensitively in our neighbourhood, and beginning well thought out projects in collaboration with local people or organisations. Please fill in the following form so we can discuss your ideas and support you in them.

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