Use your gifts


We believe everyone should be using their gifts to help build up the church. Start serving now – it could be something you’ve done before, or you might want to try something out just to see!

Make Great Services

We want everyone who comes to Barneys to feel welcomed and experience great services — from the moment they drive into the carpark to the moment they leave. Each person on a team helps to make Sundays great by loving the people who gather in our building in different ways (see below).

join the service coordinator team
join the welcoming team
join the ushering team
join the morning tea team
join the supper team
join the barista team
join the music & sound team 
join the presentations team
join the Barneys TV team
join the bookstall team
join the communion prep team
join the car park team
join the teatowel washing team

Build Community

Help our community grow in their faith and love for Jesus & each other.

join the Kids and Youth team

Leading a small group

We believe that small groups are foundational for forging friendships, deepening in Christian devotion and partnering in a mission to the city and the world.




become a small group leader

join the meal roster team


Support the work of Barneys through excellent media, visual communication and administration.


We have a team of IT men and women, from web developers to sys admins, who support our ministries.

Design & photography

Good visual design and photography helps Barneys communicate Jesus well in print and web.


Every week volunteers help keep the Barneys community connected.

join an enabling team


We are a church for the whole person, and for the whole city – not just those who are already in our community. Check out our Love Your Neighbour Initiatives to find out how you might use your gifts to love our neighbours.