Professionals, postgrads & tradies

Because your work matters to God

At Barneys, we believe that God is interested in much more than just what we do on Sundays.

Because we’re a church in the fringe of the Sydney CBD, we’re also a church of professionals, postgrads and tradies. We’re a church of landscapers and doctors and artists and entrepreneurs and PhD students.

To help workers thrive in the city, we have:

Growth Groups

Our workers meet together in small groups throughout the week. Often they’ll share a meal together, meeting either at someone’s house or at the church.

Growth groups are one of the main way we express our identity as a family of missionary servants and disciples. Sometimes the groups are made up of people at the same stage in life, but we also have groups which are cross-cultural and cross-generational.

If you’d like to find out more about joining a growth group, email Rhys Duggan, or call 02 9211 3496.


At Barneys we believe that part of being made in the image of God is that we are workers. Work matters to God. Our work includes caring for God’s creation and loving our neighbours. This work can be paid or un-paid.

We are keen to help you ‘work well’ and make a difference in your workplace.

To find out more, email Mike Paget or call (02) 9211 3496.