Find out more about Jesus

Discover Jesus. Discover life.

At Barneys, we believe that the most important thing we do is help each other in our journey with God.

Do you want to learn more about Christianity? Are you one of the many people with

  • a sneaking suspicion there is more to life?
  • a healthy scepticism that demands a few answers?
  • a search for meaning that has never hit the jackpot?

For people who are curious to find out more about Christianity we run a course called Simply Christianity.

Over just five, hour-long weekly sessions you can sort out fact from fiction as we look at Luke’s biography of Jesus. Feel free to ask questions or remain silent, but come along and discover for yourself the contemporary significance of this ancient faith.

Courses run throughout the year

Each night starts at 7:30pm for dinner, and finishes sharp at 9:30pm. Good food, great company and friendly and thoughtful discussion.