Get involved

Professionals, postgrads & tradies

At Barneys, we believe that God is interested in much more than just what we do on Sundays. Because we’re a church in the fringe of the Sydney CBD, we’re also a church of professionals, postgrads and tradies. We’re a church of landscapers and doctors and artists and entrepreneurs and PhD students.

Tertiary students

Being a student is an exciting time of exploration: new ideas, new freedoms, new friends, perhaps even a new city. Whether you’re looking to deepen you faith through rich bible teaching and fellowship, or exploring Jesus’ claims for the first time, there is something for you at Barneys.

Barneys Youth

Barneys Youth provides an opportunity for high schoolers to explore faith in Jesus, ask real questions, and think hard about the issues facing young people. Barneys Youth is a community of young people that loves fun adventures, life in the city and genuine friendship. Everyone is welcome.


Barneys runs a series of kids programs parallel to our 10am Sunday morning service, as well as a playgroup on Tuesday and a Friday Morning Group for mothers with primary aged children.

Find out about Jesus

At Barneys, we believe that the most important thing we do is help each other in our journey with God. That’s why we run a course called Simply Christianity, for the curious and the sceptical to explore who Jesus really was over five hour long sessions over dinner.

Weekend away

A chance to connect.

Love Your Neighbour

We want to overflow with love for our neighbours. Find out how you can get involved in our reading group in local schools, homeless shelter, financial counselling and more.

Join a growth group

God does some of his best work in us in community.

Use your gifts

We would love to help you work out where your unique gifts and the needs of our church and our city meet.

The St Barnabas Football Club (The Flames)

We are an unashamedly Christian club, who prioritise the enjoyment of football as a gift of God, regardless of the result. We also pride ourselves on playing tough, competitive and fair football.