Come to church

10am | 5:30pm

The heart of our life together at Barneys is when we gather Sunday by Sunday, to meet with God through His word, to pray for each other and the world, and to share our lives over a coffee at the end of the service.

Map of St Barnabas Broadway


(near the corner of Mountain Street, Ultimo)

That’s walking distance from central station, Sydney University, UTS and Broadway shopping centre

photo courtesy Ethan Rohloff

Getting here

The best way to get to church is on foot, by bus or by train.

Every all-stops bus along Parramatta Rd or King St stops outside the church. West-bound, it is at the bottom of the hill after Central Station. City-bound, it is the first stop past Broadway Shopping Centre. The church is 650m west (away from the city) along George St from Central Station.

Parking options


We’ve saved you a car spot! First time visitors and less mobile people can park in our underground secure car park. Just drive around the back of the church into St Barnabas Street (off Mountain Street) and a volunteer in a bright orange vest will show you where to park. There is a lift straight up to the main auditorium.

There is also lots of free parking around the church – here’s a map of some of our favourite places to find parking.

Please note, the car park is always available on Sundays during service times but for weekday events it is best to ring the office on 9211 3496 during business hours to check if there are parking spaces available. After business hours event parking is on a case by case basis determined by the people managing each event so it is best to check with them.

Frequently asked questions

What if I’m new to church?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Barneys is full of people who are new to Sydney, new to church, and new to Christianity. That means we’ll be expecting you, and we know it’s our job to make things as clear, simple and friendly as possible.

What time should I arrive?

Barneys gathers for services at 10am (with an amazing children’s programme), and at 5:30pm (in English and Mandarin).

We recommend arriving 15mins early. We’ll welcome you, show you where the bathrooms are and help you find a good seat.

What will church be like?

The service will run for about 85mins. There will be some great music and enthusiastic singing. The bible will be read and explained, and different people will lead the church in prayer.

It’s a lot of fun, and you’re more than welcome just to sit and watch – but we think you’ll enjoy it more if you try it on and join in!

You won’t be asked for money.

How should I dress?

Church is a celebration, like a family party. But, of course, each culture has a different way of dressing for parties. Some people will wear shorts or jeans and thongs. Others prefer a dress, or a good shirt. You’ll find both of these, and a whole lot more, at Barneys.

Since Jesus welcomes all cultures, so do we. So dress how you like – honestly, no one will notice.

But what if I’m not a Christian / Anglican / baptised / middle-class believer?

We won’t tell if you don’t. ;-)

Seriously, though, Barneys is full of people from all sorts of faith traditions and non-traditions, all exploring the claims of Jesus. Church is the right place for people of all backgrounds to be!


Hearing loop available

Hearing loop

The auditorium is fitted with a hearing loop. Switch your hearing aid to ‘T-coil’ setting. The loop is installed on the right hand side (as you walk in) of the carpeted seating area. Once you sit down, you may need to shuffle a few seats to the right or left to get the best signal.

Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access

Please make use of our secure carpark, accessible via St Barnabas Street. Our elevator provides access between the carpark below and the auditorium. The carpark level is secured, so look for the usher with a fluro vest for assistance entering and leaving. (It is attended for about half an hour before and after services.) There is also level entry and exit via Broadway.

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets

An accessible toilet is located on level 1. An accessible toilet and shower is located on ground level (the lift operates between these levels at all times)

Sermon notes

Large print notes

The sermon, songs and any liturgy used in the service are available in large print format. Please help yourself (they are outside the lift on level 1).