Fiona Isaacs will be joining the women of Barneys to think through the topic of anger, in three parts. Babs in arms are highly welcome.

Part 1 – Interactive Workshops (5:30pm – 6:30pm)

Workshop one will be for Barneys teens and their parents/carers, run by Fiona, on dealing with anger as a teenager.
Workshop two will be for Barneys women of other ages and stages in life, lead by special guest, on how we can approach and process anger.

Part 2 – Dinner (6:30 – 7:30) ##Registrations for dinner have now closed##

Let’s chat and share together over a meal!
$15 a head for teenagers and non-workers, $20 a head for workers

Part 3 – Teaching on Anger with Fiona (7:30 – 9:00pm)

“My particular interest in the topic of anger comes out of my doctoral work, in which I am studying Youth Ministry and particularly the development of healthy spirituality in teenage girls. And in my research, I have come across this idea, that of the great things about being a woman is that by and large, you get better education about emotions, there are many studies that tell us that girls are encouraged to feel, explore, process and talk about their emotions way more than boys. The exception to this is the emotion of anger, which is encouraged in boys and dismissed in girls. So women get to be happy, sad, infatuated, tranquil, hopeful, disappointed, inquisitive, excluded, dejected, cheeky, perplexed and so on, but not angry. And it seems this is mostly because girls, far more than boys, are expected to be nice. And nice people are not angry.”

If you are part of the Barney’s community who can’t attend to are you able to assist in:
– providing baked goods for the evening
– setting up on Saturday afternoon
– packing down on Saturday evening

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