Annual General Meeting

We’re required to hold an AGM, whether in person or online, by March 31. An online AGM has particular requirements in terms of early notification of questions and nominations. If circumstances change at the last moment due to COVID, and we are required to move our AGM online, we will need to have these provisions already in place. Please see below for various dates and deadlines you need to be aware of. 

Next Friday we will make available various reports and financial statements that will keep you informed of our ministries and business since the last AGM.

We will then require nominations, items of business and questions to be submitted via email to me, (, before close of business on Tuesday 23rd March.

Nominations can be submitted for the positions of:

  1. Parish Council members (who set the church budget and policies);
  2. Churchwardens (who manage finances and facilities);
  3. Nominators (who present the diocesan nominators with a preferred candidate for the position of senior minister if Mike steps down or get hit by a bus); and
  4. Synod Representatives (who go to Synod and give input into Sydney Diocesan regulations on behalf of our church)

The requirements to vote at the AGM are that you are at least 18, baptised, have usually attended Barneys for 3 of the last 12 months, are not a member of another Anglican church and won’t be voting at another AGM.