Share The Dignity Drive

This August, Barneys is partnering with Share the Dignity, a charity that provides sanitary items for women affected by homelessness, poverty or who are escaping domestic violence. Often, for people who get their period and are in desperate circumstances like these, they are forced to make a choice between purchasing pads or tampons or being able to eat. This can be a time of embarrassment for many, as it is still a bit of a cultural taboo.

All this month, we will be collecting donations of packets of pads, tampons and menstrual cups. You can drop donations off throughout the week during office hours, and on Sundays in the box located in the upstairs foyer all this month!
This isn’t just a women’s issue! People who menstruate, perhaps this month you can add an extra packet of pads or tampons to your shopping for someone else. People who don’t, perhaps it’s time to venture down that aisle in Coles or Woolies – and give an empowering gift to someone who needs it.