Morning Congregation Staycation

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th 2018

Staycation is a weekend at home with our church family, for all members of the morning congregation from 1 week to 100 years old!

When God speaks about church in the bible, one of the most important and enduring images is that of household or family. In the ancient world, families reached beyond biological ties, and so does the church: a new family, not by birth but by new birth, not by procreation but through regeneration, across generations and cultures and tribes.

In family, the old hand on to the young wisdom and perseverance, and joy through life’s trials. The young bring strength, energy and a curiosity about God’s world. God’s word knows nothing of separating generations or cultures or tribes from one another, precisely because it is only as we love and serve one another and alongside one another that we grow as God intended. Yet the modern church, in its pursuit of a wide but shallow growth, has forgotten all this.

Mike Dicker, Dean of Students at Youthworks College, will help us hear and think what it might look like to abandon the segmentation strategies of our world and pursue a better vision of a healthy church in whom the work of Christ is clear to all.

Friday Night Session: 7pm-8.30pm
Saturday: 8am – 1.30pm (including breakfast & lunch)
Optional swim at Vic Park Pool from 1.45pm and afternoon tea in the Park from 3.30pm

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