Living Water: Come Sit At The Well (For Women of Barneys)

20th August 2018 7pm

This women’s ministry August series is divided into 2-parts, whilst they do lead from one night to the next, they will each focus on slightly different elements of time with God. The nights are designed engage with women at Barney’s in smaller groups. There will be a speaker and some interactive elements within smaller groups to meet other women in our community.

August 6: “Making time for the kingdom”- Exploring how to refocus our schedules towards God’s desires, learning how to schedule well, how to read and devote our time to God, and looking into how fellow believers dedicate their time. Aimed for women in Highschool years 10-12, University Students and New Workers age group.

August 20: “Come sit at the well”- A night for women of all ages. Energise as we learn of God our sustainer, to find rest and comfort in our Father. We will also learn what stress and burnout looks like in our lives, and how to manage them.

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